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Friday, November 09, 2012

Washington, my Washington

I don't smoke marijuana.  When I was an upperclassman in college several of my best friends often did, and didn't tell me about it because they knew I was such a square that I'd be aghast.  But I couldn't be more proud that the people of my home state chose to decriminalize marijuana.  Yep, I understand that the drug, like any, is harmful to some people's lives.  (By the way that's gotten worse over the years because the stuff has been bred to be more and more powerful because of criminalisation - maybe in WA that trend will now reverse.)  But outlawing it has been worse.

The law and the state need to be very reluctant to involve themselves in our lives.  Weed just isn't bad enough to justify it, and in fact for a lot of people it's a fine thing.

And is the Seattle PD great or what?  




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