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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogging the Scheme workshop at ICFP - William Byrd, Dan Friedman and miniKanren

Some very interesting stuff so far. William Byrd - coauthor of The Reasoned Schemer (along with Dan Friedman, who is sitting behind and to the right of me which is pretty damn cool. Dan and Mattias Fellesen co-wrote The Little Schemer, which is probably my favorite book ever. Mattias sat right next to me earlier. There's the advantage of a working with a language that hasn't achieved mass popularity - beginners like me are have access to the leading people. That the leading people of your language are a big chunk of the leading people in the field of Computer Science is a good indication that you are working with the right language.) - gave a talk on his and Dan Friedman's creation, miniKanren, which apparently is a more or less an implementation, in Scheme, of an imaginary language described in that book. It's for logic programming - interesting. He lost me several times - I need to read the paper. And learn more about logic programming generally. Byrd is a very clear speaker. It would seem he's given the talk before, based on his polished delivery. If not he's someone a conference-goer really appreciates: a speaker who rehearses a lot.

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