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Monday, January 15, 2007

Google transit is excellent

Another web service has made my varsity team. Google Transit tells you how and when to take the bus to wherever you want to go. It's a must if you live in King county (i.e. metro Seattle) and commute to a high-density area (the U-District, downtown, Belltown, SODO, downtown Bellevue, etc). I use it daily. Imagine Google Maps driving directions with discrete choices leave time choices and you pretty much have it.

It only really has two problems: buses often run late (so the times can't be taken too seriously), and it's probably not available in your town. But if you're one the lucky people in one of these places, try it: Burbank (Burbank Bus), Orange County (OCTA), Tampa (HART), Honolulu (TheBus), Duluth (Duluth Transit), Eugene (Lane Transit District), Portland (TriMet), Pittsburgh (Port Authority), and of course, Seattle (King County Metro).