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Monday, April 09, 2007

Scheme makes you smarter by making you feel dumb

This sums it up.


Matthew Maroon said...

Then reading your blog must make me a genius, because I don't even understand what scheme is.

We at BlueFrogGaming will be in Cambridge on June 1. You?

Ethan Herdrick said...

Matt: Don't let us Scheme snobs/weenies fool you. It's all about building stuff. I think that the beauty and pleasure of Scheme can hurt your productivity. You can forget you're supposed to be making something instead of dreamily exploring computation-space. Parts of the Scheme and Lisp world are like opium dens, full of happy, nodding addicts chasing the sensation of mind expansion.

I'm in Cambridge now, have been since the 15th. Let me know if I can help out when you arrive.

Great blog, by the way.